Getting Started

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Before continuing, VIPKid does require a Bachelor’s Degree, and there’s no way to work around it. Email me if you have any questions about that. πŸ™‚


I’m happy to help you on your personal VIPKid journey. VIPKid offers one-time bonuses to teachers who help future teachers get started. The hiring process is also the training process, and they personalize it to your specific needs. It can be tricky to navigate. I only get my bonus when you teach your first class, so I will be around for the entir

e process. A referral isn’t the only way to get hired, but it sure helps. I’ll send you all my tips and tricks for making it through, and help you as much as I can. Β (This is not a pyramid scheme! I get a small, one-time bonus to compensate the time I spend helping you. There’s no status gained within the company, and you don’t pay forΒ anything.)

When you click the link, this screen will magically appear! The joys of the Internet. πŸ˜‰

It doesn’t look like your typical “sign up” screen, but it’s right. Remember your email address and password. When you click “Sign Up”, it will take you to a login screen.

Enter your email and new password. Wa-la! It will open your portal.

You DO NOT have to enter your application information right away if you’d rather wait. You are on my list as soon as you sign up, and you should get an email within a few hours. If you have any questions my blog hasn’t answered for you, shoot me an email at


I’m excited to work through this process with you, and congrats on starting the journey!

Talk to you soon! <3