10 Children’s Books That Helped Me Love Reading

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We recently had a great discussion about our favorite children’s books. I’m the oldest of five kiddos, and my mom read to us almost every night. We have a lot of favorites.

I’ve read almost all of these to my kids, and they love them too. I’m waiting for my kids to start reading on their own for a few of the others.

All of these are picture books. I can’t wait to start reading chapter books, but I’m really enjoying these. These are the books that helped me love reading.

#1 The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear

A little girl reads outside.

love this one. It’s about this little mouse who finds a strawberry, and tries a bunch of different ways to protect it. This one is so much fun to read to my kids. There aren’t too many voices, but the mouse is so darling, and his antics are so funny that even my 2-year-old gets the humor. I remember my mom reading this book all the time, even after we’d “outgrown” picture books.

#2 The Sneetches and Other Stories

This book has four different stories inside. My favorite is the last one – What Was I Scared Of? My mom always did fantastic scary voices, and by the end we all wanted to be friends with pants. It’s a very sweet story that teaches kids how to make friends with different people. The other stories are really cute too. You just can’t go wrong with Dr. Seuss.

#3 The Poky Little Puppy

This is one of my all-time favorites. I love the illustrations, and the puppy is so stinking cute. The puppy is the youngest of five little puppies and he knows just how to game the system. I love that his mother catches him in the end. My daughter loves looking for the other little animals the puppy meets on his travels. It’s just a darling story.

#4 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

If you’ve never read this story, you need to go find this book. It’s an alphabet story. It’s very well written. It rhymes like a song. Both my kids love copying the meter. My daughter is learning to spell her name and loves looking for the different letters. They love that it starts over with the moon at the end. My little 2-year-old shouts out the “boom, boom” parts. I remember reading this one with my Kindergarten teacher. It has a lot of good memories.

#5 Octopus Hug

This book is seriously cute. Mom takes the night off, and Dad is left to deal with the kids. The kids, of course, miss Mommy and drama ensues. I always loved the way the father handled the situation. It’s just all the feels! The illustration in this book is also fantastic. This is a great book for dad’s to read when you finally get that evening off.

#6 Miss Spider’s Tea Party

This is a counting story, with beautiful illustration. The spider is so sweet, and beautiful. She wants to make friends, but people are scared of her. She has to learn to be less scary, and find the right friends. My daughter, in the thick of preschool curriculum, is thoroughly enjoying counting all the bugs.

#7 The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

So apparently I really love books with beautiful illustration. This is such a beautiful story. It’s about a Native American girl who has this beautiful relationship with her horses. I loved that she could communicate with her horses, and I would pretend that I had the same relationship with my stuffed horses. I can’t wait to get this one for my daughter when she’s a little older.

#8 The Rainbow Fish

This beautiful book is about a fish who learns to share. The illustrations are stamped with foil, and it’s another beautiful book.

#9 If You Give a Moose a Muffin

We’ve read this story three times this week. It’s written by the same author who did If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The moose gets in all kinds of trouble, and I ask him all about

#10 Corduroy

This book is about a teddy bear waiting for a little boy in a department store. I love the creativity in this book. He learns to sew, and there are all kinds of textures. I was always a crafty kid, and I remember wanting to learn to sew a button after reading this book.

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