Where to Find Orange Shirts for VIPKID

I have never thought I looked good in orange. Orange is just not a flattering color. But when you work for VIPKID it starts to rub off on you. But like I said, it’s just not a flattering color.

I would be interested in knowing the sales statistics on orange shirts for women as VIPKID has grown. My first orange shirt was from the thrift store. I have since discovered that Amazon is amazing.

When I look for a work shirt, I want something that’s bright without being neon. I want something that isn’t too boxy, and might be comfortable enough to sleep in. These are some of my favorites…

Shirts and the Like

My favorite tunic is so comfortable. If I don’t get to bed at a decent hour, I like to wear my “uniform” to bed to save time in the morning. I haven’t had any issue with wrinkling. The color doesn’t make my skin look weird. It’s light enough to be cool in the summer. The black cuffs add some interest and cut off the orange. Bonus! They’re cheap, and if you have Amazon Prime, the shipping is free!

This is another great t-shirt option. If you’re thinking you’d like something more professional, maybe with a collar, this is a great, cheap polo.

With summer coming, it’s always good to have a few cooler options. I like t-shirt dresses because… well who wears pants with dresses? I always feel like I’m in some kind of 70s costume in these kinds of dresses.

Speaking of warm weather, apparently there are people who still live in places where it’s cold. It gets chilly where I live, but never freezing. I still have an orange cardigan. It’s fantastic when my other orange shirts are dirty. I can put on a t-shirt and throw on the cardigan. My cardigan buttons, and I feel very professional.

Cool VIPKID Finds

When you really catch the VIPKID bug it leaks into your wardrobe in other ways. I now own leggings that  I would never have worn before VIPKID. I now own a pair of panda leggings. I don’t own these adorable panda slippers yet, but they’re on my wish list. I have an obsession, I know.


How to Find a Good Fit

Over the years, I’ve used Amazon for a lot of my fashion needs. They have some decently priced things, but for the most part, I buy with them because of their shipping. It comes quickly, and if I need to I can return without too much hassle. My best tip for online clothes shopping is read the reviews. I bought this one-piece swimsuit 3 sizes above what I’d normally wear because of my comments. It hurt my pride a little, but the suit fits like a glove. Check for reviews that give 3 stars. These people seem to be the most honest.

Return it! If you don’t like something, don’t keep it because it’s a hassle to return. That’s ridiculous. Amazon makes it pretty easy even if you don’t have Prime. Print the label, give it to the mailman. It’s easier than returning something to the store.


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