3 Reasons VIPKID is the Best WAHM Job

When I started looking for a job in 2013, I knew I needed something that paid than more than $10 per hour and had a flexible schedule. In a perfect world, it would be something I could do sitting on the couch in my P.J.s. Ideally, it would be some menial task that I could do with only a tiny portion of my concentration.

I wanted someone to pay me$2k a month to sit on my butt and survive day-to-day with a new baby.

This should just be a perk of motherhood.


But, unfortunately, it isn’t. Gosh, wouldn’t that be amazing.

It wasn’t until the very beginning of 2017 (after a lot of temporary, low- paying, boring-as-snot “jobs”) that I realized I needed something real. So what did a real job have that these other jobs didn’t?


1. There needed to be some kind of interview. It needed to be legitimate enough that someone needed to see my face before giving me money.

2. It needed to require that I actually work. As awesome as it would be to be paid to do nothing, that’s just not how things are and anything claiming to do that is a scam.

3. There needed to be others who were successful. Actual, real-live people with experience who could explain it to me without asking me for a commitment or money.

I had heard of VIPKID long before I ever thought about applying, but it wasn’t until I realized all of this that I really started considering it.

So… why is VIPKID the best work-at-home-mom job?

It has all of those things.

It’s legitimate.

1. The interview. I talk a little about the process here, but if you’ve heard anything about VIPKID, you probably know there’s an intense process. The reason for the process is that it is both interview and training in one. When you’re done, you’ll be unleashed on VIPKID’s nearly half a million students. It’s a big deal. You need to be ready. That first student could leave feedback that gets you constant bookings. If you’re unprepared, they could leave feedback that puts you at the bottom of the pile. Don’t discount the company because of the process. I’m happy to help if you need it, but in my mind, it just adds a layer of authenticity.

2. I already talked about the training but when I started teaching, I was impressed with the process. There was finesse in the training and the teaching techniques. I had to work to perfect my rusty teaching skills. The work made it more legitimate in my mind.

3. Finaly, I easily found groups of people already successfully teaching and making money with VIPKID. They were happy to share tips and help me as I was starting out. There was nothing suspicious about what they were telling me, and it never came across overly sales-y. (If you’ve had a sales-y experience, check out this article. )

There are other perks with VIPKID. I really like being an indepedent contractor. I decide when I want to work, and when I want time off. I don’t have to work for a specific amout of hours. I get enough creative freedom that it’s fun, but I don’t have to write lesson plans. It’s wonderful.

I love working for VIPKID. It’s my perfect mom job.

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