My Old-School Planner is Better than Your Phone

The "Dream Big" planner from Micahel's has gold text with traveling background.
Dream Big planner from Michael’s

“Organized” has never been a word that applied to me. I have tubs of things from high school and college. I love the container section of the Dollar Tree. I pretend to be organized, but really it’s just tons of crap stashed away. I mean… how do you know when you’ll need that half empty tube of toothpaste no one liked the taste of, or the random pieces of cloth left over from craft projects. I have very firm plans to put all that paper and memorabilia into a scrapbook someday… it’s just not today. I’ve only ever been slightly more dedicated to writing down, and keeping track of appointments. I’ve always relied on those phone calls a few days before you’re supposed to see your doctor.

When I had my second baby, I started realizing that just wasn’t going to work so well. I started keeping slightly better track – when I got those business cards with future appointments on them, I’d tack them to the bulletin board. I transformed a picture frame into a whiteboard calendar. Then I started working, and my daughter started preschool. It took me three overbooked days to realize my lackadaisical system was absolutely not going to work.

"Life is too complicated not to be orderly." - Martha StewartI’d seen these gorgeous, artistic planners on Pinterest and I finally found one I loved. My wonderful sister-in-law got it for me for Christmas and I’m starting to get the hang of keeping track of things.

I keep track of my husband’s ever-changing work schedule, my kids’ doctor appointments, my doctor appointments… probably all the things you’ve been tracking for years..

I learned how to set goals when I was in high school. Keep a deadline, break big goals into smaller ones, do something goal related every day; that kind of thing. But when you’re disorganized, writing down goals doesn’t help matters. I need to be able to see my goals to keep track of them. I wrote a big list of things I wanted to get done this year, and only a month in, I’ve already accomplished a few!!! This is huge for me. I’m very excited. It helps that they look pretty in my planner, and there are sticker rewards! Admit it… those would motivate you too. 🙂

If you’re looking for an awesome planner, I’ve found some great ones on Amazon, and I think mine is from Michael’s. Amazon has extra stickers and motivational bits.

Get organized. Do what makes you happy! And if you need a fat, physical planner to do it, don’t let the technology-savvy, do-it-alls intimidate you. Carry your old-school planner proudly! They’re not as old-school as you think.


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