VIPKID’s Six-Step Hiring Process

VIPKID is notorious for having an intense hiring process. It’s easy to get bogged down in the steps and levels and did I pass or didn’t I… It seems to take forever, and if you do one part one way, and another part another way it will be different. I’ve been with VIPKID more than a year, and it still baffles me sometimes. But don’t worry! I figured it out! Let me share the knowledge!


First off, I want to mention a few things. This hiring process is interview and training rolled into one. It’s intense because when you’re done you will start teaching students! You could teach your first class the day after you’re hired. It’s not that much different than any other real job. Even when I was working for KFC, I went in for an interview, I went in again to sign documents, and then I had a trainer. This is just like that except online, and not as straightforward.

Step 1

Fill in your basic information. I have a great tutorial here that explains how to sign up for your account. From there, you’ll enter your basics. From your portal you may have to click on “home” to open the application again. The hardest part about this stage is that your resume and job experience are analyzed by an algorithm (a mathematical, computer equation looking for specific words). Don’t be afraid to brag about your teaching experience. I used every possible shred of my teaching experience in my resume. If you made it past the algorithm, you should be able to go straight to the interview section. Don’t worry… you won’t be doing your interview immediately.


Step 2


You will be assigned one of two options – a recorded demo interview or an interview with a live person. They’ll give you all the information you need for your interview. Follow the steps I’ve outlined here to rock your interview. Remember to be yourself. Teach the way you think you’d teach a real student. If you’re doing a live interview, suspend belief, and believe that interviewer is a student. If you’re doing the recorded demo, you’ll get to teach the class twice,  and they’ll take your highest score from that. Your pay rate will be determined in the interview. It will be based on your experience, and the way you teach that class. Be prepared to tell them how much you’d like to make if they ask. Keep in mind that they advertise between $14 and $22 per hour. I know very few teachers who qualified for $22 right off the bat…


Step 3

You’ll take a short quiz about teaching techniques. This quiz can be taken multiple times.


Step 4


You get to book your first mock class! Mock classes are live demo classes that you do with an experienced, trained Mock Class Mentor. These are teachers that have been with VIPKID for awhile, and they’re trained to analyze your teaching style by the standards laid out by the company. The majority of them are friendly people. They want you to succeed! Like with the interview, be prepared, teach the way you’d teach if that were a real student. Keep your energy up, use TPR, and follow the teacher directions. There are YouTube videos available. I will not be linking to any of them because I think it’s vital to the process that you develop your own teaching style. It is so important that you’re able to adapt to those kids. A YouTube script won’t help you do that.


Step 5


Depending on your score in the first mock class, you’ll be asked to book a second mock class, attend a kick-off meeting, or go straight through to teaching. Most teachers do not pass straight through, so don’t freak out if it doesn’t happen to you. I had to do a second mock, and here we are. If you’re given the choice between a kick-off meeting or a second mock class, I recommend taking the mock class. You have a better chance of being qualified for more levels. That being said, there is also a chance you’ll fail and have to reapply. I still recommend the second mock. Study your feedback from your first mock class, reach out to me if you have any questions, and rock that second mock. I think that’s the better route.


** I do want to mention that the mock class mentors have very little say in the final outcome of your application. They’re trained to assess your abilities. The hiring team in China will have the final say on who is hired and who is not. Again, the mock class mentors do NOT decide your fate. These classes are skills assessment sessions. If you don’t get hired, please don’t blame your mentors… **

Step 6


Upload your documents. These include you driver’s license, and proof that you have your degree. You can use your diploma, or your transcripts. There will be a background check and they will find out if you’re lying (yes… it happens :/ ). You will also sign your six month contract. Hooray! Read it. There are some rules they cover in your contract that will be important for your employment, one of which being your pay rate. Sign it, if you’re comfortable.


Soon after your documents are received you will be allowed to begin opening time slots. Keep in mind that it can take up to three months to establish solid bookings. It doesn’t always take that long, but it can happen. My best advice is to make sure your price list in your payment tab is populated, make sure your intro video is well done, take workshops, and most of all be patient. It took me awhile to get going because I was hired during the students’ Chinese New Year holiday. I’m now fully booked almost two weeks in advance. Bookings will come if you can wait. Establish your basic supplies and don’t buy anything else until you’ve taught a few classes. Opening slots costs you nothing. Don’t give up. <3


And just like that, you’re working from home as a VIPKID teacher! 😀 Get started here.





** A note about the fastpass hiring process. I am not clear on the logistics, but I believe you skip right to the mock class stages. If you’re interested in attending a fast pass event, I will include that option in my emails after you’re on my list (so if you think it’s something you’d like to do, wait to schedule your interview).

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